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Understanding your tariffs

The tariffs for managing water and the sewer system are based on the specific characteristics of the municipality of Torremolinos and current legislation.

  • Water and Sewers

    Water is a scarce resource in Torremolinos. That is why water bills are divided into consumption tranches, so that users are charged according to their water use with an increasing tariff, so that rational water use is promoted. The income from the tariffs must cover both the regular costs of managing the system and investment in the infrastructures that the town requires.

    There are two parts to the tariff structure for the water and sewer service:

    • A variable part, which is billed according to consumption and is applied equally for the water and sewer tariffs. The water bill is also charged in tranches, considering the m3 consumed.
    • A fixed part, called the service fee, is a charge for immediate availability and permanent access to the service. The water tariff depends on the calibre of the meter, and for the sewer system it is a fixed, independent fee.
    • Drinking water supply tariffs

      Service fees (Fixed amount) Tariff
      All tariffs  
      Calibre 13 3,9034 €/month
      Calibre 15 3,9034 €/month
      Calibre 20 4,7906 €/month
      Calibre 25 14,4071 €/month
      Calibre 30 19,0310 €/month
      Calibre 40 35,0707 €/month
      Calibre 50 52,8349 €/month
      Calibre 65 86,4577 €/month
      Calibre 80 127,2877 €/month
      Calibre 100 and over 192,1276 €/month
      Comsumption fees (Variable amount) Tarifas
      0-2 m3/month 0,3808 €/m3
      2-10 m3/month 0,5457 €/m3
      10-18 m3/month 0,9136 €/m3
      Over 18 m3/month 1,6370 €/m3
      0-15 m3 /month 0,5834 €/m3
      16-30 m3 /month 0,8761 €/m3
      Over 30 m3 /month 1,1669 €/m3
      Single tranche m3 1,0156 €/m3
      Official centres  
      Single tranche m3 0,5437 €/m3
    • Wastewater treatment/sewer tariffs

      Service fees (Fixed amount) Tariffs
      All uses 2,2299 €/month
      Consumption fees (Variable amount) Tariffs
      Single tranche m3 0,3592 €/m3

    View full legislation on the water and sewer fees:

  • Autonomous community wastewater treatment levy

    Autonomous community levy of the Government of Andalusia, charged according to the consumption of drinking water.

    Autonomous community wastewater treatment levy

    Service fees (Fixed amount) Tariffs
    Domestic and domestic with tranche extension 1 €/month
    Non-domestic Exempt
    Comsumption fees (Variable amount) Tariffs
    Up to 2 m3/month Exempt
    2-10 m3/month 0,10 €/m3
    10-18 m3/month 0,20 €/m3
    Over 18 m3/month 0,60 €/m3
    Single tranche m3/month 0,25 €/m3

    Domestic consumption fee (fixed amount), tranche extension: if there are more than four people living in the dwelling, the upper limit of each one of the tranches of the progressive tariff will be increased by three cubic metres a month for each additional person who lives in the dwelling.  

    To view the full legislation on the autonomous community wastewater treatment levy, click on the following link: