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Transparency, the key to good water management

Aguas de Torremolinos in figures


We have established an innovative, social and sustainable digital management model (DISS) to manage the complete water cycle efficiently, in harmony with the environment, and to improve the quality of life of Torremolinos' inhabitants.

Our management, based on operational excellence, technological innovation, and care for the environment, ensures the supply of quality water, as well as its return to the environment in optimum conditions.

This model is fully aligned with the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and therefore contributes to compliance with Spain's 2030 Agenda.

Our sustainable development strategy is based on three areas: the planet, people and shared value.

Aguas de Torremolinos' project for the future is based on sustainability and a transparent, responsible management model, thus contributing to improving peoples' well-being, socioeconomic development, and preservation of the environment

Below are the main milestones we have achieved in this area in 2017:

We supplied 

More than 68,000


Direct employees





euros for the community

Water supplied



Support schemes





in the town centre

  • Service figures

    Water service figures for 2019

    Item Value
    Km of network supplied 210
    m3 of water supplied 9,263,193
    Catchments 7
    Tanks 6
    Pumping stations 3
    Electric vehicles 9
    Hybrid vehicles 7

    Sewer service figures for 2017

     Item Value
    Km of network 172
    Number of gutters cleaned 6.047